Vinyl or Laminate Floor Installation

Vinyl flooring is quite popular as it offers a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles as well as being quite durable. It stands up to any of the usual wear and tear found in homes and businesses.

As well as offering a wide variety of styles, the technology around vinyl floors continues to improve. Over the years, vinyl has increased in popularity. Manufacturers have found new ways to improve the types of vinyl materials used to improve its comfort level, look, and durability. You want a floor that is good no matter the traffic in your home, the messes that inevitably happen, and everything kids and pets can throw at it. These floors also resist scratches and keep moisture away from the floor.

Due to its glossy finish, vinyl floors are incredibly easy to clean, allowing for their longevity. A simple sweep or a mop can clean your floor, unlike the extra work that goes into carpet or hardwood floors to keep them clean. Because they’re scratch and moisture resistant, they do the job.

“Tona Home Improvement” offers all the top vinyl flooring brands, including all the latest trends. We even offer vinyl flooring installation to meet your every need. We want to ensure the job is done right, so we only hire the most experienced staff.

If you’re not sure what to do with your floors, then consider laminate flooring for your big makeover project. Laminate floors are the most functional of all the floor types, giving a comfortable feeling under your feet as well as the satisfaction of beautiful floors. The great thing about laminate floor is the nearly endless number of patterns and looks it can provide. The first benefit is laminate flooring can look like whatever you want it to. That means you get the solid option of choosing the right looking floor that fits your style and tastes.

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial applications. This type of floor has a wood-like appearance and allows you to add the simplicity, yet beauty of higher end materials without the high prices.

Many homeowners and business owners decide on laminate because you can replace your floors at a fraction of the price compared to real hardwood floorings. It’s easy to get the same look of wood or stone without breaking the bank, which is why laminate is seen as a cost-effective alternative to hardwood and tile. Laminate flooring is strong, sturdy, attractive, and affordable.

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